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Trouble Keeping Up with Taxes, Insurance and Adjustable Interest Rate?

Behind On Your Mortgage Payment?

Everybody at one point or another runs into life's little unfortunate situations. This could be due to loss of a job, medical problems, divorce, loss of a spouse... This is no reason to be embarrassed as it can and does happen to everyone at some time in his or her life.

Often times it becomes very difficult to catch up on those payments when you are two or three months behind and the fourth is due next week. Finally there comes a point where there is no catching up.

Vinarub Real Estate can help. We provide creative and confidential solutions to your financial dilemma. Many times we can negotiate on your behalf with a lending institution to avoid a foreclosure situation. We may also be able to take the burden of those payments off of your back and help you get a fresh start in a new home you can more easily afford, while at the same time saving your credit.