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The not so short answer.

Should You Sell Now?


This is one of the most difficult questions to answer today. If we use the Magic 8 Ball we will get a different answer every time. If we use the media we will probably have the same result.


The smartest people in the Real Estate industry are telling us that things in Brevard County and Central Florida are going to get worse before they get better. Therefore it is our best suggestion that if you can hold on until the market recovers then you should. The rental market is strong and all these people that are being displace due to the interest rate increasing on their adjustable mortgage, teamed up with the increase in property taxes and insurance that are loosing their homes to the bank need a place to live.


Vinarub Real Estate is available to help you find a tenant and/or property manage your Brevard Real Estate holdings. Please call for more information.


If you cannot or do not want to wait for the market to come back then selling is the thing to do. Vinarub Real Estate works with several cash buyers and can sell or buy your property. We can close in days. Plus we have a low or no commission option. Please call today to find out about our $500 flat fee listing commission.


If you would like an offer on your property either call or complete the following form. Please provide what you would like from us in the details. Thank you.